Founded in 2004                                                                President - Lord Berkeley of Knighton

Two CD recordings by The Llanfair Singers are available for sale.


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In The Bleak Mid-Winter

Llanfair Singers


The Llanfair Singers were originally attached to the church in Llanfair Waterdine, a tiny village in the Teme Valley on the English-Welsh border.  In the beginning there were nine members, The Founder Members, who were Mary Chapman, Ruth Davies, Jean Gardner, Andrew Gibbs, Christine Gibbs, Doreen Hart, Richard Lewis, Mary Simmons and Graham Trew.  Sadly, not all these members are still with us, but they were a loyal and inspiring group to whom we remain grateful for their enthusiasm and commitment.

The choir rapidly expanded from the original nine and because of this was able to sing larger works, particularly at the major Christian festivals.  In recent years, works sung have included excerpts from St, John's Passion and St Matthew's Passion (Bach) and from Messiah by Handel.  However, the Llanfair Singers has a wide repertoire, from early music to 21st century compositions, from classical to popular and from 'world music' and spirituals. 

In April 2010, the Llanfair Singers recorded their first CD, ‘What Sweeter Music’ (click here for a list of songs).  It featured Fauré’s Requiem and a selection of songs and carols with Gavin Roberts as organist and individual performances by soloists from the choir.  It was recorded in Bleddfa Church, a beautiful old restored building with a new modern organ.  Then in September 2013, the choir recorded another CD ‘In The Bleak Mid-Winter’, this time of Christmas music with a selection of old and new carols and including Vaughan William’s Fantasia on Christmas Carols.  On this occasion it was recorded in Clungunford Church with Gavin Roberts and David Williams accompanying and both a recorder trio and small local music group.  The CDs are on sale from Knighton Fine Art 01547 528052.  

Then, in 2014, the Llanfair Singers embarked on a career of singing Evensong in Cathedrals across the country.  We have now sung in Hereford, Brecon, St Paul’s, Worcester, St David’s, Bath, Gloucester, Wrexham (not strictly a Cathedral), Lichfield, Durham and - just before lock down - Llandaff, Cardiff.  Those among us who have sung in these wonderful venues, whether Christian or not, have enjoyed every moment of the experience.

Today, the choir has about 50 members and welcomes new members every season, especially ones with lower voices!  If you are interested in joining us, please contact Graham Trew 01547 528052, or any member of the choir.  If you want to read more about becoming a member, please click here

Artwork by former choir member Phillipa Boast

Memoirs from Jean Gardner, a founder member and Secretary

I was invited by Mary Simmons to join a new choir, which was being formed approximately ten years ago by Graham and Richard.  I had seen them about the Parish and in fact when I very nervously sang a solo in the WI Christmas Concert, they had been in the audience.  I was very unsure about singing in a choir with them and Mary Simmons; after all they were ‘real singers’.  However, Mary managed to convince me to give it a try and so we gathered in the kitchen at Melin-y-Grogue, with the harmonium, for our first rehearsal.  Usually the tenors and bass would go into the music room to learn their parts; the sopranos and altos staying in the kitchen doing the same.  We would then join up for a final run through of what we had learned that evening, followed by refreshments.  Usually there was a glass of wine and lovely nibbles and as the weeks went on, we all attempted to contribute towards this lovely end to the evening.

I have happy memories of gorgeous late summer evenings when the portable harmonium was carried to the front of the house and choir practice took place outdoors.  What the neighbours must have thought, I never did find out, but we certainly enjoyed singing in the open air and looking at that gorgeous view!

As the choir started to grow, it was important to arrive fairly early, firstly to find a parking spot and secondly to try to avoid the seats just in front of the AGA as they could get rather warm.  Eventually, of course, we outgrew Melin-y-Grogue and transferred to the Everest Hall.

I never regretted my early decision to join that little group of singers and still thoroughly enjoy choir practice, but regretfully the end of practice refreshments don’t compare with what we enjoyed in the early days!

What Sweeter Music CD performers!

Clungunford, September 2013.  After recording Christmas music at the end of the Summer!

Want to join the Llanfair Singers?  Here is some New Member Information…

The choir meets every week about 36 weeks of the year on a Thursday evening at 7.30pm in the Everest Hall, Llanfair Waterdine.  

It is not necessary to be able to read music when you join, although you may find that you will be able to do so after a while. Provided you can sing in tune/hold a tune, enjoy singing and are committed, you are welcome to join us.  Music is provided and we ask that you will take good care of it and return any sheet music or books when asked.  Sometimes sheet music is sent electronically for you to print off yourself; if you do not have a printer or it isn’t working, there are always a few spare copies available at the next rehearsal.

Talking is discouraged during rehearsals, except in a short coffee/tea break; this ensures that we can sing through a good amount of music and the music director’s instructions are heard and noted.  It is also expected that choir members attend rehearsals every week and early on in the season, commit to singing at any concerts or other performances proposed. This is to help Graham pick suitable music for size of choir we are likely to have.  We are a friendly choir as our motto suggests and occasionally get together outside rehearsals to socialise and gossip.

As a new member there is a three month probationary period to find out if you enjoy singing with us, can offer the weekly commitment and have the musical ability to be part of the choir.  Initially, you will be introduced to a member of your voice section who will help you find your feet.

There is a annual subscription of £30 payable in September when our season starts.  It is proportionally less if you join later in the year.

If you are interested in joining the Llanfair Singers, please contact Graham Trew or speak to any of the committee.

Please telephone or e-mail apologies to Jean Gardner 01547 528521 by 6.30 pm the day before the rehearsal.  After then, please contact Graham 01547 510327  

Rehearsals are in the Everest Hall, Llanfair Waterdine on Thursday evenings at 7.30 pm unless otherwise stated.

Download ‘A Guide for New Members’ in PDF.  This is useful for any members who may have mislaid their copy.