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In The Bleak Mid-Winter

Llanfair Singers

Experiences of members during 2020 coronavirus lock down.


To start the ball rolling, I have inserted the U Tube video of the choir from the University of North Texas singing Shearing’s Shakespeare Songs and Sonnets - beautifully.  As Graham pointed out;

a)  they sing very nicely,

b)  they sing from memory,

c)  three of them equal the age of one Llanfair Singer (on the whole),

d)  they have obviously never argued about concert dress.

There are a couple of other things we would do well to take notice of…

Trew Tips - 'Getting those high notes'.

For any section of the choir, reaching up to those high notes can feel like a strain -

Don't reach up to them!  Instead of visually looking up to the note, look down on it from above, mentally and physically.

Mentally - Imagine yourself above the note and looking down upon it. You can even imagine being above it on the stave, if you like.

Physically - The key is to release the throat muscles instead of constricting them to reach the note.

Stand relaxed, but upright.

Relax the shoulders.

Imagine a piece of string is pulling your head up from the crown.

Your neck elongates and your chin drops down slightly.

You are already looking down on that note.

Relax your throat muscles instead of straining them.

Now let that note soar!